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Our flexibility, your best solution

At OSC we connect our clients' needs and opportunities with agile, flexible and reliable solutions to optimize the relevant processes.

Business lines

There will always be an opportunity to optimize a process and we have the answers. With more than two decades of experience combined with our global presence we guarantee optimum solutions. Forget contingencies and focus on your business CORE.


Specialized services in Telecommunications for the design, implementation, optimization, operation and maintenance of fixed and mobile networks. Reliable, quality solutions focused towards sustainable, safe and responsible End to End services.


Effective management of human resource requirements and associated support services for our clients in all sectors. We innovate through the analysis of the needs of our clients, with optimal and reliable recruitment and labor incorporation models to limit contingencies.


Through the analysis and understanding of our clients' business processes, we are able to optimize and monetize their value chain through the development of solutions incorporating both optimized innovation and flexibility.


As an ally helping you overcome the barriers within the implementation of technological tools, developing agile, flexible and reliable processes, you are in the hands of the best IT allies.


A platform for the management and geolocation of work teams and the development of field based tasks, to allow remote and real-time monitoring of the activities of personnel within the field, thereby improving the effectiveness throughout the performance of processes, such as: Operations Management, Health & Safety - H&S, Management of expenses, materials and goods, amongst others. Design and customization of reports in a decentralized manner to facilitate decision making and continuous improvement throughout the relevant processes.

We act as your local ally with both vision and regional experience.

We offer both solidity and global experience resulting in efficient response times and local operations.

We are a multinational company with a presence in 15 countries throughout the Americas, and since 1996 we have been building a regional model alongside and for our clients. Today we have a team of over 900 employees developing innovative solutions that are the support and engine for the growth of our clients, our people and our allies.

Our clients